[Inx] [Inx-devel] Snapshot INX 'Unstable' iso on the server

Samson Wong samsonctwong at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 23:39:31 PST 2008

On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 4:46 AM, Peter Garrett <inx-one at optusnet.com.au>wrote:

> Hi,
>  A "Snapshot" iso is now on the main server.

Great! Downloading and testing it. Now onto the results.

> **** New Stuff ***
> * Defaults to 1024x768 resolution at vga=791

Works. I think the credit/about/advanced etc page is slightly off centre?
Only nitpicking though, everything still is visible and other pages appear
to be fine.

> * If you boot the CD on a laptop, it should not turn numlock on by
>  default. It should turn it on for desktop computers.

Lovely. No getting surprises any more with strange character showing up
cause I forgot numlock was on. =)

> * The "Random Radio" and "Radio" menus now use a new "Player"
>   interface. The search on Shoutcast via Plait now pops up a cleared
>   screen with the new interface. Mplayer is now in the "foreground"
>   while playing either from the fixed choices or the search results.
>   Elinks no longer pops up the local page for Shoutcast results since
>   the information should appear while playing.

Nice for forgetful types like me. Though with shoutcast results page shown,
it allows the user to choose other related radio stations if they didn't
like the one being played? (Actually scratch that; elinks gets a "file not
found" when you try to choose to play the other stations in the results
list. - An elinks limitation I guess?)

Going back to random radio generally, though somewhat related to the above:
Is it possible for random radio to be truly random? E.g. it chooses a random
radio station from the shoutcast results list of the search term. It plays a
different station each time...

> * "Playinx" now uses a similar interface, so if you click a stream link
>   in elinks it should offer to open it either in mocp or playinx. You
>   can test the video function of this by playing one of the Ogg videos
>   from
>   http://inx.maincontent.net/video.html  (around 13 MB each)
>  Elinks should offer to play it in Playinx, but it will download it
>  first - these are not true streams.

I tried this, playing the "What is INX" video. I'll try to describe what

I was typing this email on tty1 while doing the above on tty2. I went back
to tty1 while letting elinks download the video. When the video was
downloaded, and began to play..my email screen was "covered" by the video.
(I'm guessing its because mplayer plays movies full screen by default). I
did not see the new interface, where was it meant to appear? (This email was
actually a retype, cause in my panic I ctrl-c... losing my original email.)

I might try this again later, to give a better description of what happened.
(Or whether this was a one off)

>  Elinks is now mouse-aware anyway, and will happily show
>  pictures in fbi or offer an option for music or video on link click.
>  AAC format playlists from Shoutcast are an issue because the mime-type
>  is the same as for mp3 .pls files, but MOC can't handle AAC. You can
>  manually specify playinx '%' in the dialogue box, but it's a bit of a
>  pain really...
> Something(s) is/are sure to be broken, so please test and report on
> list.

I do test these things! Keep up the good work.

>         Peter
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