[Inx] hardy-inx

Andre Mangan andrem at internode.on.net
Sun May 25 21:24:53 PDT 2008

Another session with booted INX today.

It is an amazing piece of work.  The fun stuff at menu 9 was quite an
eye opener.

Everything works very well.  I accessed my hard drives and various
partitions - experienced some minor degree of frustration when I could
not find the unmount facility - perhaps that could be attached to the
entry advising what is mounted.

USB also worked fine.

Under Hints and Rants a section is in development advising which keys to
use for different programmes.  That is a most welcome feature.

Now it appears to me that it is almost time to ask the creator of INX if
he would consider some menu adjustments.  I am reminded not only of my
own temporary ineptitude in not knowing which navigation keys to use
when first confronted by INX but also of the comment from a fellow
Ubuntu user to whom I had given a copy of INX (older edition): "I don't
know what to do with it".  I kid you not.

So, the introduction and demonstration are a passive events, add to that
a readily available "cheat sheet" (such as the one in menu entry 9) and
then go into the tutorial.  End of Section One.

The remainder are demonstrations and exploration opportunities (in a
very practicable way) and belong into Section Two.

Now I can add it to my Hardy installation via VirtualBox.

BTW, yes "reboot to hard drive" was what I meant to suggest for the Live

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