[Inx] New inx .iso upload - please test!

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Sat May 17 00:05:55 PDT 2008

The latest hardy-inx.iso is now uploaded:


Direct link:



9be7de8b60edb3e7cd782dfaf8443092  hardy-inx.iso

************************ What's new *****************************

* The hard drive access menu is now much nicer - this needs testing,
   since it tries to "see" all usb and hard drive devices, while showing
   the "/" as well, and allowing navigation to/from the usb menu with
   one key press, and so on.

  It should automatically move to the usb menu from the drive access 
  menu for anything mounted as /media/usb* ( in other words, mounted by
  "usbmount" ).

  If you have a system with multiple partitions or drives, please
  burn and *boot* the CD to see if access works as intended. Running it
  as a virtual machine from the iso image, or a virtual machine
  install, won't really test it :)

  Known issues: If you mount a device in multiple places, the menu only
  shows one of them (e.g. mount /dev/sda1 on both /mnt and /media/sda1
  and only the last one in /etc/mtab shows on the list - a bit of a
  "corner case" I suppose.)

* Freecell Patience added to the "Fun" menu :-) (Merged from David
  Symons' branch)

* Most menus should now look better as they are indented from the left
  slightly. Exception: the tutorials have not been changed, although
  the main tutorial menu has.

* Recent security updates installed (ssh and ssl).

## On the "Maybe coming next" list:

* New splash screen, and slightly less *green* in the default theme ;-)

* Menu "reforms" (we all know what that word means these days, and it
  has nothing to do with the true meaning of the word ;-p)

## Needed Help, Fun Puzzles:

* Someone who has ntfs file systems ( i.e. Windows) to see if ntfs-3g
  works for read/write access to ntfs partitions - ntfs-3g is included
  and uses "fuse", so I *think* it should work. Since I have no Windows
  here, I can't test... input from the team needed.

* Maybe ambitious - anyone with some Samba knowledge to look at
  implementing Windows file sharing.

Peter Garrett <inx-one at optusnet.com.au>

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