[Inx] Hardy-INX

Andre Mangan andrem at internode.on.net
Fri Jun 13 00:40:10 PDT 2008

I was experimenting with performing other tasks while listening to
Internet Radio and discovered that if I press "m" the music is muted and
pressing "m" again unmutes it.  Nice touch.  Pressing h, f, w, x while a
radio station has been activated produces no change in menu - the menu
only works if no station is active.

This "m" function is not listed.

To perform other tasks it is of course necessary to jump to another
terminal as pointed out in the tutorial.  Once activated, the music
keeps playing regardless of which terminal one is in.

Should the following be considered:
There have been difficulties reported with installing Ubuntu 8.04 to
some SATA hard drives.  It may be that this only relates to
installations rather than Live functions and certainly would not have
any bearing on a RAM loading.

The described fix is to add "pci=nomsi" to the end of the kernel boot
line after "ro quiet splash".

I have Hardy-INX installed in VBox on an all-SATA machine and there have
been no problems.

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