[Inx] Hardy-INX latest iso

Dan Mazzei sehku17 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 12:02:21 PDT 2008

Alright, I finally got around to testing the latest iso image, and I 
have to say it was quite impressive. 

I started out by loading it into RAM using the new option (512 MB, ran 
great), and it was very fast. 

Hard drive partitions mounted cleanly without effort. 

As for the issue with the cd tray coming out, I am certain we just need 
to remove a couple of lines (eject $CDROM ; echo "Press Enter to 
continue" ; read -p ''), but I was unable to locate a copy of the script 
so I could patch it.  If anyone knows where to get the Ubuntu shutdown 
script, e-mail me so I can make the appropriate changes. 

Note: perhaps an emacs clone is not the best for the default editor?  It 
is a good idea to INCLUDE it, but it could be a little intimidating, and 
if you had never used emacs, it might be very confusing.  Maybe nano is 
a better option for the default? 

Note: Would like to see the clock shown by default, and in 12-hour format. 

Overall great work, can't wait for the final release. 

PS: Sorry I haven't been very involved lately, tight deadlines, but I 
should be able to devote more time to this starting next week.  :-)

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