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Andre Mangan <andrem at internode.on.net> wrote:

> Hello INX Team,
> Time:
> If using the 12-hour clock, then apart from a.m. and p.m. two other
> identifiers must be added, noon and midnight, because there is no such
> time as 12 a.m. or 12 p.m.
> Noon and midnight are English language terms and are not part of any
> universally understood language.
> I do not know how this alters when linked to locale.
> Therefore, the 24-hour clock for INX is quite acceptable because it is
> universally understood.
> Another option may be to display the time with an analogue clock.
> Dictionary:
> If it is English only, it should be Australian-English since INX is an
> Australian product.
> However, if the dictionaries are on-line then the various dictionaries
> could be invoked when setting the time zone.  How does this affect
> users without an internet connection?
hey chaps! My question to do with the dictionary was simply to make it
possible to do grep on that file, so people could see how some simple
regexps worked. However, having said that, dict and its server programs
are not the only dictionary option on the command line (think ispell)
and having at least one file with "words" in it is useful for these
I personally vote for ibritish or wbritish as it at least has proper
spelling! ispell can use the basic words file too, but as far as I'm
aware, all of the i-language dictionaries are simple lists of words.

I can find out more about it if you like.

> Keep it simple!
> Cheers,
> Andre


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