[Inx] [Inx-devel] Documentation etc. and recent happenings...

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Sun Jul 13 19:35:37 PDT 2008

On Mon, 14 Jul 2008 09:29:00 +1000
Andre Mangan <andrem at internode.on.net> wrote:

> So the targets are those interested in developing INX further ... is
> that possible?

Ah, I should have explained this better. The technical explanations are
intended for people who want to understand the "flow" and where to find
code - that is not necessarily for further INX development since the
ideas could be used for other projects, of course.
> Currently, the overview is not for the novice Linux user who wants to
> learn about the command line.  Should there be two overviews with one of
> these being less "technical" or is the Introduction on the main INX menu
> sufficient?

The introduction in the INX menu is really just a "help! How do I get
out of here?" sort of summary. Yes, there should be docs on the site
about just "using" INX as well.

> > Second:
> > 
> > Thanks to Fiona Mangan for the artwork of an INX disc label!
> > You can view it at
> > 
> > http://inx.maincontent.net/download.html
> I can't see the sticky side of the label ;-)

Check your 3D drivers ;-)

> > Third:
[snipped ]
> > Can any of you reach
> > 
> > http://interlink.dynalias.org:60003/            ?

> > If this is actually working, we possibly have a basis for running the
> > torrent for a wider audience...
> > 
> > Reactions, results and suggestions, please :)
> Yes that worked albeit a little slower, 45 rather than 51 KB/s.  Slow to
> start and displayed the same error message as previous attempt.

OK that's encouraging, thanks. The slowness was probably due to there
being only one seed (me). The error message I think would be 
your client's torrent port not being forwarded - did you check this?

Can other list subscribers report too, please?

Peter Garrett <inx-one at optusnet.com.au>

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