[Inx] Bleeding-edge latest iso! Grab it now!

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Wed Dec 17 20:49:26 PST 2008

Hello all...

Yes, I finally got around to uploading another iso!

(Well, you'll understand that I've been flat out just keeping up with
the *flood* of responses and reports on this list, after the last
'unstable' .iso that I announced... )  

*cough* ... ;-)


inx-unstable-1.04.iso (you get the URL later in this post, read on...)

*****New Stuff! Excitement! New toys! Bleeding edge!!********

* A "general" menu included, with letter codes a-z : 26 directly
accessible menus and apps to play with! Access it with "d" for
"Direct" from "inx menu" or "tools".

* All INX scripts are now in /usr/local/lib/inx - I've moved the few
remaining in /usr/local/bin/ , so now all the INX executable scripts are
from symlinks - "main-inx" no longer exists, either. Themes are switched
from functions in 'inx_essentials'. Among other things, this has reduced
RAM use. Formerly the effect of the "everything is loaded" structure
meant we had 5 complete instances of the INX scripts etc. loading at
once (tty1-5). Now only the scripts in actual use are loaded.


On boot, only INX menus running, all ttys logged in, live session
running from .iso file in a virtual machine. (256 MB RAM allocated to
the machine):

inx-beta (the old one based on Feisty):  48 MB (after buffers and cache)
inx-1.0                                                   38 MB (ditto) 
inx-unstable-1.04                                   31 MB (ditto)

* The CDMP CD player now has an additional menu entry in the "global
general" Direct INX menu. Other directly accessible apps/scripts from
that menu include a three-tab instance of Elinks opening at Shoutcast,
Magnatune and 1fm, for easier access. You can of course click your way
to any of the available streams, which will play through "Playinx", now
starting in GNU Screen when called from Elinks so that you can easily
detach it while you surf, and still keep listening...

* There is now a "global default" theme chooser - it changes all ttys
to your preferred theme on re-login (automatic in a live session,
requires a new login on virtual machine or hard drive installs).

* "Guru Mode": I won't explain this, since Gurus will not need an
explanation, by definition ;p

* MOC and irssi now switch to more-or-less appropriate themes when
colours are flipped, or the default theme is changed. ToDo: something
similar for mutt... CDMP is also theme-aware now.

* inx-unstable-1.04 includes an "automagic" cattle prod, for application
to appropriate parts of the anatomy of list subscribers and team
members. It will be judiciously activated at intervals, from a carefully
crafted cron job, until the user sends the "Community" some
actual feedback for further development efforts.... <insert appropriate
emoticon here>

URLs for download:




Oh, by the way, compliments of the Season to all, where relevant or
appropriate to culture and/or beliefs...


"INX Is Not X" Live CD based on Ubuntu 8.04 : http://inx.maincontent.net
Screenshots slideshow: http://inx.maincontent.net/album/1.png.html
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