[Inx] Another 'Unstable' Snapshot

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Mon Dec 1 01:39:23 PST 2008


There is a new inx-unstable.iso on the server, in:

http://inx.maincontent.net/devel/unstable/     (U.S.)
http://inx.boinc.ch/devel/unstable/                 (Europe-Switzerland)

New in this one:

* A CD and DVD-ROM access and mounting menu. This needs a workout,
  since it was written rather quickly and probably has some issues
  (Seems to work OK here though..)

* Music streams from elinks now run in "Playinx" as before, but with a
new twist or two. The default that pops up, when you access a stream
link, is now "screen playinx". What this means is that it runs in GNU
Screen. Why? Well, this means that if you want to continue to use the
browser while listening, you can detach the player using 'Ctrl+a d'. It
will continue to play, and can also be accessed later from the GNU
Screen Menu by reattaching that screen session (usually typing 'tty'
at the "Reattach" option will do, unless you have several unnamed
screen sessions running.) 

In addition, Playinx now tries to identify play lists and use an
appropriate player - thus you should get 'mocp" for mp3 streams, for
example. For most other streams it should choose the mplayer back end,
which of course you won't see - Playinx will display some information
about the tracks you are listening to, and warn you if it is playing in
Screen. Mocp can of course be 'detached' anyway, since pressing 'q'
will not stop the music in MOC, while pressing 's' will stop it.

* I've thrown in an experimental little clock script which, unlike the
one toggled with 't' from the menus, uses the US-style Day-and-Date
format with AM/PM. This is experimental, and only updates every ten
seconds, since it does fancy stuff to shift the cursor up and down, and
refreshing once per second interferes with command input on a tty
(perhaps because a tty scrolls rather slowly). If this seems like a
good idea I will add other Day/Date/Time formats. This runs with user
privileges, so only on one tty at a time, unlike 'vcstime', which is
the current clock and needs sudo. You can try the new one out with 

clockinx &

to make it run in the background. A ' pkill clockinx' should stop it.
Note the ampersand - without running it in the background it's not very
useful ;-) If people want this and think it works well for them, I will
add a menu of course, so you can choose a preferred format. (European
or British style for example, either 12 or 24 hr clock and so on.)

The additions from the previous snapshot are of course still there.

The latest Ubuntu updates are included, so the kernel is now 2.6.24-22, 
from the 24th of November. Not that that's terribly important, since it
is mainly a 'local exploit' security update... unlikely to be an issue
for most INX users.

 Possibly this snapshot, with a few more tweaks here and there and any
bug fixes of course, will become "INX 1.1". 

Keep the reports coming :)


"INX Is Not X" Live CD based on Ubuntu 8.04 : http://inx.maincontent.net
Screenshots slideshow: http://inx.maincontent.net/album/1.png.html
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