[Inx] Introduction, Contributing and suggestions

Jared Bernard jared.bernard at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 13:30:44 PDT 2008

WOW! what a great project. My name is jared and i'm very excited about a 
X-less Linux distro. I was also trying to develop a similar 
project, see some of my post on http://bernard-fam.blogspot.com, but since 
you already have something up and running I would love to help any way I 

I saw some previous mailings asking for suggestions, so here are my 
suggestions, comments and questions in no particular order:

1. The Menu - I like the intro to INX but there doesn't seem to be a 
logical layout. I would suggest laying out the menu into categories such 
as: Internet and Email, Office, Multimedia, Administration, Games, etc. 
to the way some GUI application menus are layout. These would then link to 
other appropriate menus.

2. Installer - It looks like you are working on an installer. Are you not 
able to use the debian installer which is used for the alternative install 
for Ubuntu?

3. Have you approached Distrowatch to track INX?

4. I have several tutorials by example already written, if you are 
interested in possibly including them. I envisioned these tutorials 
opening up in a split screen session, with the tutorial above in less and 
a shell below for the user to apply what is in the tutorial.

5. package suggestions - gcalcli (connects to Google Calendar) 
http://code.google.com/p/gcalcli/wiki/HowTo, hnb (wiki type note 
taker), alpine (easy to set up email), mybashburn (cd/dvd burning ), BSDgames

6. screen tabs - how about more colorful tabs. I have some different 
screen 'themes'. Maybe a menu option where the user can choice a 'theme' 
of their liking. Similar to your flip color scheme for the menu but for 

7. Website - Can you add a link that lists all the applications? How about
a forum?

8. Multimedia - have your menu aid the user to play a DVD or other 
media with mplayer in framebuffer or view an image with fbi or view a PDF with fbgs would be 

I know I've just thrown alot out there, but I'm willing to help. I've 
thought alot about the structure of a project like this. I'm not
much of a coder and I haven't looked 
at your scripts yet, but I want to help where I can.


Jared Bernard

"Don't Fear the Penguin!"


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